Our Approach

With dedicated personnel to each project we work collaboratively and openly, using established processes
developed over years of hands-on practical experience including:

Project team management:  We select and appoint the most appropriate project team then plan, assign
responsibilities, and provide leadership and direction for the duration of the project.

Scope management:  We define and control what will, or will not be included in the project then ensure
that all project team members understand the extent of the project and the ramifications of potential changes.

Time management:  We set time objectives and monitor progress so that corrective action can be taken
when necessary.

Cost management:  We set budgets, negotiate and control all costs and forecast final costs and potential

Contract management:  We procure the services of Contractors required for the construction of the project
and manage all contracts as Superintendent.

Quality management:  We make sure that the completed project complies with the initial brief and satisfies
our client’s requirements.

Risk management:  We identify, analyse and respond to project risks – this includes allocating project risks
to the party who can best control them.

Communications management: We manage all stakeholder communications including controlling project
meetings, documenting all communications and preventing communication breakdowns.