We provide control over the management of project feasibility, scope, costs, programs, quality, risks etc. identifying opportunities, avoiding problems and ensuring a smooth and successful project by:

  • Ensuring that all feasibility, planning, design, cost control, contractual and risk considerations are properly addressed and selecting the most appropriate delivery strategy.
  • Appointing appropriate design consultants and expertly coordinating all phases of the design and documentation process.
  • Proactively managing the town planning and authorities approval process.

Selecting appropriate contractors and suppliers and expertly managing the tender and contract negotiation process.

  • Proactively managing the construction contract including planning and coordinating the works on site ensuring quality, adherence to program and budget.
  • Proactively managing the fit out, commissioning and completion stages.
  • Proactively managing the leasing, sales and marketing process.
  • Proactively managing the handover of the project to ensure the timely commencement of operation or settlement of sales contracts.
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